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Whirly Bits

The Whirly bit is a carbide inserted chisel tip accessory tool designed specifically for dowel hole drilling.

  • Daily Rental:$20
  • Weekly Rental:$45
  • Monthly Rental:$90
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Drill Rods

Drill Rod extensions are designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drilling process.

  • Daily Rental:$10
  • Weekly Rental:$22
  • Monthly Rental:$50
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Bushing Head Tool

Ideal for working on concrete and masonry demolition. Used for roughing-out, finish carving, or creating an evenly textured finish, they are versatile tools for shaping many types of stone.

Priced Per Use: $17.50

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Frost Wedge

When deeper penetration a frost wedge digging chisel is the perfect choice. It is sometimes used to cut asphalt or frozen earth.

Priced Per Use: $10.50

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Clay Spade

Designed to drill through concrete, or to dig up clay for backyard & garden landscaping. Made with high-grade forged and heat treated steel for maximum durability.

Priced Per Use: $9.50

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Tank Cutter

Originally designed for removing rivets and for various other metal applications, rivet busters are now also used for concrete demolition work and bridge work.

Priced For Sale Only

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