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Transit with Tripod

Construction lasers are used as an accurate level reference during any layout process. Applications include installing ceiling tiles and leveling floors, performing basic surveys, and even construction site grading. In surveying and construction, the laser level is a control tool that includes a laser beam projector which is affixed to a tripod, leveled, and rapidly […]

  • Daily Rental:$35
  • Weekly Rental:$105
  • Monthly Rental:$210
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Leveling Rod

A leveling rod, is a graduated rod used to determine differences in elevation. Leveling Rods can be used with surveyor, optical and laser levels. They can be made up of several different materials; however, the most common are made out of wood, Plastic and Fiberglass

  • Daily Rental:$10
  • Weekly Rental:$30
  • Monthly Rental:$90
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