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Aluminum Shoring Box

Strong enough to keep trench workers safe from injuries or unstable soil, yet lightweight for easy transportation and assembly.

  • Daily Rental:$50
  • Weekly Rental:$150
  • Monthly Rental:$450
  • Width:42" through 54" available
  • Height:4'
  • Length:7'
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Aluminum Shoring Wall

Static walled aluminum trench shields designed from aircraft grade aluminum. These walls are manufactured from extruded aluminum panels to provide protection for a wide range of depths and projects.

  • Daily Rental:$100
  • Weekly Rental:$300
  • Monthly Rental:$900
  • Width:42" through 69" available
  • Height:8'
  • Length:10'
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Manhole Shield GME

Trench shields and boxes are used to protect workers against cave-ins, hydraulic shores are used to actually apply pressure to trench walls to prevent cave-ins.

  • Daily Rental:$75
  • Weekly Rental:$370
  • Monthly Rental:$1110
  • Width:8'
  • Height:8'
  • Length:8' 10"
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