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Weber MT CF2 HD

The CF2 offers top notch compaction work in landscaping and repair work. It also provides operators with premium comfort using it’s anti-vibration handle.

  • Daily Rental:$70
  • Weekly Rental:$200
  • Monthly Rental:$540
  • Weight:183 lbs
  • Working width:18"
  • Centrifical Force:3,372 lbs
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AlturnaMATS 4×8 Groundcover Mats

These mats are engineered to support rubber-tired construction and maintenance vehicles, cranes, and a variety of other equipment types. Whether your equipment needs to traverse soft or sensitive terrain, or you are looking for a temporary road alternative, these versatile mats deliver. Bold, cleat design/diamond plate tread for vehicle traction Practical, flat slip-resistant tread design […]

  • Daily Rental:$15
  • Weekly Rental:$45
  • Monthly Rental:$90
  • Manufacturer:Alturna
  • Width:4'
  • Length:8'
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Kubota with T-6 Harley Rake

Great for use on hard and compacted infield material, trench restoration and golf course construction. Completely Remove Old Lawns . With a Harley you can easily transform the old lawn into a perfect seedbed. The Harley Rake is 4 Attachments in 1. Why haul around all of those attachments? Grade, level, rake and remove debris. […]

  • Daily Rental:$365
  • Weekly Rental:$1510
  • Monthly Rental:$4800
  • Manufacturer:Harley
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An earth auger makes it easy to tackle any hole-digging job. No matter how wide or deep you need to go into the ground, there’s an auger to meet your needs. Augers are a necessity for anyone who needs to dig multiple holes in the ground, whether it’s to install a deck, to sink fence […]

  • 8"$50$75$450
  • 12"$50$75$450
  • 16"$50$75$450
  • 18"$50$75$450
  • 24"$50$150$450
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Easy Lawn – L90 HydroSeeder – 900 Gallon Tank

The 900 gallon L90 is designed for large residential and commercial sites and can efficiently apply seed, fertilizer, and mulch in one quick application. This unit comes standard with Epic’s HPV pump that powers the most pressure and volume possible in a unit of this size.

  • Daily Rental:$450
  • Weekly Rental:$1600
  • Monthly Rental:$4800
  • Capacity:900 Gallons
  • Mount:Trailer
  • Fuel Capacity::14 Gallon Polyethylene
  • Supplies:Extra
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Bluebird 400 Thatcher

The Bluebird 400 has the power for the thickest, matted lawns, it makes short work of large yards, institutional lawns, golf courses and playing fields Lets air and nutrients reach deep into the soil 100 replaceable counter-rotating spring tines 1/4-inch working depth  

  • Daily Rental:$75
  • Weekly Rental:$225
  • Monthly Rental:$675
  • Manufacturer:BlueBird
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BlueBird S22 Seeder

The S22 is well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of the seed hopper and its folding handle. The 30-lb capacity polymer hopper features a site window and is mounted at the rear to ensure easier maneuverability and minimal seed damage during over seeding.

  • Daily Rental:$125
  • Weekly Rental:$500
  • Monthly Rental:$1500
  • Manufacturer:BlueBird
  • Working Width:22"
  • Output:5.5 HP
  • Frame Construction: Welded 10-Gauge Steel
  • Product size, LxWxH:50 x 31 x 40
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York Rake

The perfect choice for clearing rocks and debris from a site for seeding or general maintenance around the yard, farm, or park. Tow behind your tractor to spread gravel or topsoil, smooth parking lots, clear trash, and break up sod clumps. It is also an essential tool for refreshing soil or fixing gravel roads. – […]

  • 6'$50$150$450
  • 8'$50$150$450
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