Ditch Witch Fx-30 Vacuum Excavation System

The FX30 vacuum excavator is equipped with a lengthy list of standard features—including a curbside operator’s station that allows single-operator control—and more than enough water pressure and suction to perform a myriad of cleanup and soft excavation tasks.

  • With the aid of its 24.8-hp (18.5-kW) Kubota diesel engine, the FX30 vacuum excavator provides more than enough suction power and water pressure.
  • Compact footprint capable of large-volume production.
  • Reusable, single-element vacuum filter and a blower relief valve air filter provide the industry’s best filtration
  • Daily Rental:$400
  • Weekly Rental:$1200
  • Monthly Rental:$3600
  • Manufacturer:Ditch Witch
  • Length:200"
  • Height:96"
  • Weight:86"
  • Rated speed:3,000 rpm